Saddest Teddy Bear Cries Heart Out, “Nobody Loves me” (If you dont know her already, she is the of “Koi mujhe pyar nahi karta” fame from FunzoaTV channel, and

Cutest Lonely Girl, Teddy Dilwali Cries Her Heart out:
“Nobody Loves Me, Nobody cares for me. I dont know what is the problem with the world. I know even you dont love me. Oh lord, im so heartbroken and the saddest teddy The least you can do for me is donate me a like or something. Boo hoo hoo. ”
Oh dear, Did you know im so sad and lonely that i even sang a heart wrenching song named
“Koi mujhe pyar nahi karta” (nobody loves me). Hear me out. You will know my state.

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Funzoa: Dont worry Teddy. These viewers are all good people. they will like you. You just need to believe in love. And you have a big heart, for a reason. You are supposed to spread love and affection.
Teddy Dilwali: “I dont believe in you, funzoa”, you are just consoling me. Just because you want to stop me from crying. Go away. im gonna cry a river here. Just wait and see.
Funzoa: Umm Err, i better go find a match for you. Pls chill. Guys pls give this cute teddy bear a like or two. or else she is gonna flood out youtube with her tears.

Look How Cute she is when she complains about love

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