Funzoa Teddy presents funniest song for Facebook friends, “You Are Online, I’m Online Too”, the english version of my already super hit song, “Tu Online Hai, Main Online Hun”, released here on popular demand.

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You Are Online Lyrics Below

So you’re online, I’m online too
If you say you’re fine, Then im just fine too,
Saw your status update, with your little smiley sign,
But we both know the truth, Oh Ya, Oh Ya!
Damn you stole someone else’s line,

Wow, how the heck your friendlist got bigger than mine,
Ha your personal profile is so full of rotten lies,
Do you flirt around and try to hook up online,
I’m chatting here and why the hell you just wouldn’t reply,
Im still being so nice to comment and send you likes,
Now you better pick my window, its my warning not advice
So what, you’re online, im online too,
It’s not some coincidence; I’m always on my phone because it’s cool,
So you’re online, im online,
Just poke me once you fool…

It’s been a century you got my friendship request,
Well finally you accept it, but can’t you see I’m pissed
I remember during school and college, you were such a loser
How the hell on facebook, twitter now, you got so popular
I don’t know these strange faces, popping up as mutual friends
Cheer me up with a new hairstyle; I’m feeling depressed,
You photoshopped your D.P, and airbrushed those yellow teeth
Your horrible profile suddenly has some personality
Hey you’re online, Im online,
You can’t hide from me… hehee

Oh my god, my own facebook photos look so pale
Am I so chubby and sad and grumpy, dammit, what the hell,
And what’s making you smile like a zebra in your snap
Till yesterday you had no account, now you do, so clap clap
Damn the FB settings, they’re so complicated
The ducking notifications are giving me headaches
Hey did you check your timeline; the same link is shared on mine,
Some oversmart duckhead is spamming with cheap pick up lines
While you’re online, Im online,
Chat with me sometime…

Everyone here has a fling or two, with whom do you have a thing going on,
Is your lovelife still screwed up, or you are into hanky panky plonk
Did I tell you, Did I tell you,
Sulky and cranky just had a big break up,
Tipsy crashed his dad’s new car with a hiccup,
Booboo got a heart attack, the poor thing hasn’t spoke up,
His girlfriend had his credit card she just blew it up
Tightlips has hidden, his marital status,
Its time we heard some juicy news about all your affairs
So you’re online, I’m online too,
I warn you to stop tagging me, Or else see what I do to you,
Now you’re online, Im online,
Don’t you peek a boo…

Well, Well, look who’s here…
I feel like slapping you until you’re begging on your knees
Cos we’re so meant to be best buddies, but you treat me like a leech
I heard you just got married, I didn’t get an invitation
Well I better just delete you now to subdue my aggression
Rest of you are welcome to my party tonight
So the boys could post some pictures of girlie catfights..
Bro! longtime no see, And you didn’t bother to email me
Wait I’ll bust your dirty secrets to your new wifey
Hey subscribe to funzoa for sure, click likes on my videos
And why ain’t you sharing my post,
Don’t force me to break your screen and nose
There you just went offline, Aha, You think I’m some stupid blind?
Find yourself blocked you duck, When you’re logged in the next time
So you’re online I’m online,
You better treat me fine, Let our social network forces combine…

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Imp Note:
Songwriter and Publisher: Amitava Sarkar
The content and the song is completely an original content and this post is the first published credit resource on the internet for this song. All audio and video elements on this song “You Are Online, Im Online” Funny Teddy Song & Lyrics” ( is owned and copyrighted to Amitava Sarkar. Anybody else is not authorised to use this track or the video in any manner.

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