Hello girl, Listen to the hottest funzoa teddy song, “Tu hai Beautiful” meaning you are beautiful. A soft sweet ballad for the girls/women of the world to cheer up. Girl, you are indeed perfect the just the way you are. Your beauty =Size of your Dil. And boys, please dedicate this lovely song to your girlfriend right now. :)

Tu Hai Beautiful Lyrics here

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  • Naushad 2 years ago

    very nice & fool enteterment

  • prashant sharma 2 years ago

    So good yaar

  • Awesome””””” I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simran 2 years ago

    I wanna download this song.. I’ve subscribed to funzoa but I don’t know how to download

    • Funzoa 2 years ago

      ive fixed the problem and even sent a mail to everyone who has subscribed with 24 free video downloads.. so pls check ur mail for fresh download links

  • sachin 2 years ago


  • Rajashree Das 2 years ago

    Its just wow

  • chinmayshivrame 2 years ago

    Awasome videos r there of teddy

  • ishu sharma 2 years ago

    lovely how funny

  • nice video for having fun

  • manwendra 2 years ago


  • I hv downloaded the video bt it doesn’t hv sound . .whats d problem ?

    • Funzoa 2 years ago

      which video.. can u be specific. i will check

  • sukriti kapoor 2 years ago

    i want to know how can i download this video

  • Amit meena 2 years ago

    I wanna download this song

  • awsm songs

  • saurabh 2 years ago

    awsum video’s… how to download them

    • Funzoa 2 years ago


  • i like teddy song and very funny video

  • this is nice site

  • sonali 1 year ago

    Awesie video’s ♡♡

  • sachin 1 year ago

    How to download?