Funny MP3 Song, Mp3 Mp3, I Love It when you come For Free. Featuring Funzoa Mimi Teddy. Well you have heard google song, facebook song from me, then why pay a tribute to Mp3s that we are always drowned in. Mp3 song first of its kind. Lol.
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Original Facebook Anthem Tu Online Hai (Hindi)
Original Facebook Anthem You Are Online (English)
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MP3 MP3 Song Lyrics
Mp3, MP3,
I love it when you come for free
Quicktime VLC Media player
You truly entertain me
MP3, MP3
Don’t ever go away, please
Its fun to download you
In any bandwidth
MP3, MP3
You’re my sweetest buddy
How do you sing so much
Within just 4-5 MB
A billion songs will not be there
If you were not born
You’ve given so much to hear
Lady Gaga to Mimi Teddy songs
MP3, MP3
Can you be even smaller
Cos when I watsapp you
It takes too long to transfer
Mp3, I have a request
Err! Don’t take me wrong
Please be very famous
As an Mp3 of this song
Please be very famous
As an Mp3 of this song
Please be very famous
As an Mp3 of this song

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