Funzoa Teddy is really heartbroken and so she goes “Life bekar hai”. She doesn’t have enough love, likes and subscriptions on her channel. Even after her hit single online, “koi mujhe pyar nahi karta” she feels unloved because you did not try hard enough to share her stories to your friends, uncles, aunties, girlfriends, boyfriends, family and on your personal social network. Pls if you want to cheer her up, Spread her stuff right now. As of now comment on her official song, life bekar hai. Hindi Lyrics and english translation below.

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“Life Bekar Hai” Funny Hindi Teddy Song

Life bekaar hai, na manzil na koi pyar hai,
Humne suni jo dil ki, to ye haal hai,
Life sali bekaar hai, bade hi kumzor apne star hai,
Qasam aisi zindagi pe dhikkar hai

Ye dil ko thame kab se khade hai,
Jaane kya hum ukharne chale hai,
Bheed mein aaj bhi hum hai akele,
Pyar ke naam pe dushman mile hai,
Life saali bekar hai, na job na koi karobar hai,
Duniya ki sari junta hi makkar hai

Kabhi to hum bhi dudh se dhule the,
Apni safedi ki duhai log dete the,
Unhi logo ne humpe fir kichar uchala,
Der se hai jana ki, hum hi gadhe the,
Life bekaar hai, na rang na koi chamkar hai,
Jiwan ke raah pe ghor andhkar hai,

Besharam zamane ka kahe kya,
Inka to kaam hi hai failana raita,
Hamari masoomiyat ka uthate rahe najayaz faida…
Arre chahe jitna humpe zulm dha lo
Jasbaton ko hansi mein udaa lo
Ek dafa mere is nadaan dil ko,
Duniyadari zara tum seekha do,
Kyunki life bekar hai,
Na aage na peeche koi dildaar hai,
Dard bhare geet aur guitar hai,

Life bekaar hai, na manzil na koi pyar hai,
Humne suni jo dil ki, to ye haal hai,
Life sali bekaar hai, bade hi kumzor apne star hai,
Qasam aisi zindagi pe dhikkar hai

Life Bekar Hai Translation in English

This life is so useless,
no romantic liasons, no specific destination,
Tell you, this bloody heart is the culprit,
That’s responsible for my pityful condition,
Life is a bitch, I defnitely seem to have the unluckiest of stars
I so hate this miserable life of mine, I swear,
Ive been holding onto this heart since eternity
What good has it been for me?
Im still the loneliest soul in the universe,
You only get deciept, lies and animosity in exchange of love
Told you life’s a bitch, No real job, no booming business,
Hell with all the people of this world,
Once I was such a milky white,
When people swore by my whiteness,
Now it’s the same very people throwing mud at me
Too late to learn I was such a dumb ass
Life’s hopeless, no shine, no glamour,
And I’m lost on a road to darkness
The shameless world knows no mercy,
All they know is create mass confusion,
And boy how everybody took undue advantage of my innnocense,
Well go ahead with your injustice,
Make fun of my emotions as much as you want,
At least teach my heart the ways of the world,
Cos, life is a !!!#$&&,
No love to take care of me for now or forever,
All im left with is painful songs and my guitar,


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  • umair 2 years ago

    Luv it

  • Naushad Ali 2 years ago

    its sooooo wonderfuuuuuuuul

  • zaid bin basel 2 years ago

    it is awesome man….. i love it

    • Funzoa 2 years ago

      thanks zaid

  • kanwardeep singh 2 years ago

    Seriously man this stuff is tòooooooooo gooooood……awesome singer and lovey teddy…uff dil aa gaya…god bless you

  • Abhishek 2 years ago

    Can you please give the chords for life bekar hai?

    • Funzoa 2 years ago

      its E Major

  • thanks

  • B S Kochar 2 years ago

    Waiting for your funny new year song

  • KISHOR KUMAR TARANI 1 year ago

    very cute songs.

  • HUKUMCHAND 1 year ago

    FUNZOA.COM SUPERB JOB, I WATCH YOUR VIDEOS ALL VIDEOS SUPERB I want to make videos on your songs