Funzoa Teddy Wishes Happy Diwali And Happy New Year In A Song. Yes Dilwali Teddy is very happy for all of you. Another perfect funny video for friends :) Hope you guys missed her. She is busy these days because of all the love you showed to her. So she has decided to share lots of fun songs and her shows in the next few days. Thanks for your patience and affection. Ok, now teddy has specifically asked you all to make this the Diwali and New Year anthem for the whole nation in the next few days.. ooops, for every year from now on. So pls get ready to forward this to all your friends too.. or you may see in the video how she can make your life hell, if you dont follow this instruction from TEDDY. :)

Funzoa Happy Diwali Video Download


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  • Awesome videos

  • Ravi Bansal 1 year ago

    Nice video

  • Dhruvi Thakkar 1 year ago

    you are the cutest teddy.superb videos..

  • Help about downloading teddy video

    • Funzoa 9 months ago

  • majevadiyamahesh 4 months ago

    i am.simpal

  • sameer 4 months ago

    I likes videos clip’s for teddy