Comeon Cattie, Dangerous Funny Song where Mimi Teddy literally takes on a royal bengal tiger fearlessly. Does she manage to defeat him? Check out this funny song video to know what happens in the end.

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Comeon Cattie, Comeon Funny Lyrics
So you wanna fight with me? Oh really?
I think you are being stupid
You are gonna die at my feet? Really..
When I give you dhip dhap dhip
Comeon Cattie, Comeon
You may have claws
But I have the laws by my side
You may be huge
But I’m too a bear from the wild
I challenge you for a wrestle
Lets see who’s got more muscles
I got thousand of subscribers behind me
Cos I’m the master of cuddles
Comeon Cattie, Comeon
So you think you can win over me? Stupid..
I am gonna make you pee.. Huddd
I will hand you over to a ringmaster
I’ll put you in a zoo
Who do you think you are messing with?
I don’t cock a doodle doo
So you think you’re stronger than me?
But I eat bananas and go to gym
All you do is just steal my poultry
Now I’ll invade your territory
Comeon, Comeon, Comeon Cattie,
Show me show me what you got.. hey sissy…Your paws are heavy, its not fair
You are using gravity, show me some dare
Ok You win, I lose, Now can I get some air
I take back my words, I’m a fool to fight a tiger
I didn’t think you’ll take it to your heart
Im a fool to fight a tiger
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