Why Do Pigs Fly Lyrics- Funny Funzoa Song

Why do pigs fly
Why are dogs shy
Why do buffalows smoke cigars to get high
Why do pigs fly
Why goats have the best smile
Why do you like this song like a monkey, why why?
How do you know pigs don’t fly,
You have no pig in your pigstie,
I know you have no pig,
So, they fly, they fly, the fly
You think im so stupid, when I say
That pigs do fly, fly, flyyyyyy
Ok! Ba ba black pig, Has he any wool?
Even if he has some, he’s busy flying,
You fool

Why do pigs fly
Why giraffes like french fries
This is officially the worst lullaby
Why do pigs fly,
Why cats have bull’s eye
Why do crocodiles look so friendly,
Why baboons steal baby nipples, Oh my !
Now why are you confused like a donkey
Who wants to die
Trust me, Sweetipie,
pigs do fly…

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Original Facebook Anthem Tu Online Hai (Hindi)
Original Facebook Anthem You Are Online (English)

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