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Oh Fish Lyrics
Oh Fish! I promise,
I will kill the man who drowned you in this
Oh Fish! Give me a Kiss
You can be my mermaid and I can be your prince
Talk to me please,
I have come a long way to save you… Miss
Is the water too cold, wheres your rubber gloves
You’ll get viral fever, if you swim too much
Are you sure the water has no bacteria
I don’t want you baby to get a pneumonia
Bacteria, Pneumonia, we don’t want this, Oh Oh Oh Fish!

Oh fish, Should I dive into this
But I’m not good at water sport like you have in Olympics,
Oh Fish! What’s this
Am I not interesting, look at me please,
Hey my water Lady
You’re looking great in Orange, lets go to the party
Can I take you out for a cup of coffee
Then we can go fishing, or watch the Jaws movie
Baby don’t be afraid cos I’m a pure vegeterian
So you’re from Antartica or the Pacific Ocean?
You’re being shy, Don’t make me cry, give me a Lipkiss

Oh Fish, Glug glug glug glug,
You know I love you, Comeon gimme a kiss
Oh Fish, Glug glug glug glug,
I’ll do anything to get you out of this
Hello 911, We’ve got a Fishy situation here,
My baby, sweetypie Fishy is scared to come out of the water, Pls help..
Oh you are a hero…. Love you too.

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