This year Santaclaus has been a little busy

He said he could be late so don’t act crazy,

His toy workshop just delayed the delivery

So just wait for the gifts and stop the cacophony

Incidently his new reindeer didn’t know how to fly

And the air traffic has a jam, its too risky to try,

But Santaclaus says he will make it up to you,

With some extra toys and discount coupons on new shoes…

So merry Christmas to you, yahooo…


Oops ! Just a while back Santa tweeted in frenzy,

His red hat and stalkings are still in the laundry,

He gave the toy contract to a new factory,

And he wants to fix the tin-horns urgently

So the good boys and good girls can stay quiet, will you please

Cos this year everybody’s gonna get some extra goodies

Ask him when he comes to town, what else he went through

Be polite and I say do not whine if hes in a bad mood

So merry Christmas to you, yahooo…


Dear santaclaus, please please do hurry

If you’re too late, the coupons may expire, it’s my worry

Oh santaclaus is waiting for his beard to regrow

His barbar shaved it off by mistake a month ago

But we don’t mind your new look, nobody will ever know

As long as you leave the free gifts under the tree and go

Oh the sound of 100 percent free is so freaking devine

Why the shopping malls and stores just never learn from your style

Everything to come for free should be the governtment rule

All you have to be is aged between one and ninetwo

So merry Christmas and happy new year to you, yahooo…



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