Kill The Boss Lyrics
Hey Mimi, are you free tonight?
No boss has given me too much of work.
And I have a presentation tomorrow
Ya ya I know, im onto the same thing.
No I mean what after that?
I go home & I sleep on my pillow
No no I mean what before that,
Told you I’ll complete my work and If I can’t,
Boss is gonna kill me,
I mean what in between work and home
Ill have some little dinner
Right! that’s what I mean!
Can I take you for a date?
You mean this date? No I hate it
Well no! this one & something more,
Oops, If he finds out, boss is gonna kill me
I’ll kill the boss for you…
Really? You can kill the boss for me?
Lets kill the boss for you
He’s insensitive, he is heartless,
He never goes home..
I think he’s homeless
Hes workaholic
But he’s a psychopath
He’s the worst thing in your career path
He never smiles, never takes long loo breaks,
Before we kill him, want to ask him,
Why is he always stressed!
He’s a torturer, He’s good for nothing
Why he’s always on a deadline, its surprising!
He never praises, Never gives us a raise
I also want to kill him who appointed this disgrace
Why are bosses so cold at heart?
Ugh Ugh
Why are bosses so weird?
Ugh Ugh
Why bosses think they are smart
When we never see them work
Someone fire all the bosses,
And clean up the office
Lets kill the boss, Let’s kill the boss,
Lets kill the boss, Let’s kill the boss,
Lets kill the boss together

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