Hopeless In Love

I wait, and I wait, for you
In every corner of the park
Where we used to hold our hands
And feed those ostrich kinda birds
But I never I never I never I never
See you here again
Did you just dump me oops !!!
Without a notice in advance

I climb the tree, hoping to see you
In your balcony
But I end up getting Antbites
And cramps in my body
I mistake the swans for the ducks!
I mean the ducks for the swans,
I’m so confused between ducks and swans,
Ever since you ain’t around…
Im so hopeless in love…
Im so hopeless in love…
I feel yuck…

I’m crying a river so full that
People are rowing boats out here
A full town can save up drinking water
Recycling my tears
Look I’m sliding on the edge of the bench handsfree,
I’ve going nuts
Surprising, ‘cos I’ve never learnt
Gymanstics in the past

How this love can make you do
All kinds of brave & stupid things
Like hiding behind the leaves
Just to catch you jogging
Now why would you choose a different park?
This one still has no entry fee
You’ve got me so mad; I can just shoot the ducks
The swans, that’s what I mean
Im this hopeless in love,
Im this hopeless in love, I feel yuck

Everytime I come to cry here
In this painful cold weather
For some duckforsaken reason
I forget to bring my sweater
Im so hopeless in love
Im so hopeless in love
Oh My Duck!!!

No it’s a swan,
It’s a duck

Im so hopeless in love
Im so hopeless in love…
What the duck….

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