Go Twitter Twitter Song Lyrics
Go Twitter, Go Twitter
When your question is bigger than your answer
Go twitter, twitter, twitter
When you are a bad writer, but a good chatter
Go twitter, twitter, twitter
If your fingers are itching with nothing better
Go twitter, twitter, twitter
If your biography is less than 140 character
Go twitter, twitter, twitter

Follow, follow, follow, then tweet tweet tweet
Sleeping, eating, dieng, crying, tweet every shit
From anything to anything, randomly spit
What you’re experiencing, minute by minute
If you have low intelligence, simply retweet
Still havent got a clue? Then click on favorite

If you’re brain is dumb, but your phone smarter
Go twitter, twitter, twitter
When you’re unsocial and badly need a follower
Go twitter, twitter, twitter
When facebook becomes a pain in your rear
Go twitter, twitter, twitter
If you want to be a sucker of oneliner
Go twitter, twitter twitter

1000 tweets, then you can do kungfu finger style
Chinese masters use twitter for finger exercise
Don’t hesitate, don’t shy from twitter fingering
Even celebrities are tweeting, all useless things
Oh! What are these hashtags showing on the trend?
People with poor vocabulary use them time and again

Now you know where to dump all your garbage videos
Tag my handle @funzoa, I will watch the for sure
To start your fingerwork, you just need a selfie
Add hashtag #funzoa, I’ll try to retweet
If you can’t follow me, then follow any stranger
@twitter, twitter twitter
if you suffer from short text memory then super!
Go twitter, twitter, Rum Pa Ra
Then Share On Twitter



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