Funny Friendship Song Called “Friend Like You” Lyrics
( Funzoa Mimi Teddy & Family
I’ll never have a friend like you
You’re such a poor thing, And at times so boring,
But I still tolerate you, ( tolerate you)
You’re not as smart as I am, And you get on my nerves
Sometimes I feel so great to be with a fool
You’re unhygienic, Look at your filthy clothes
I’m fine if you never come too close (too close)

Ill never have a friend like you
Ill never have a friend like you
Gimme a high five, No No, I don’t wanna stretch
I know you want to thank me for being your friend
I’ll be there every time, whenever you call me
But pick the right time when Im not asleep

But what are friends there for,
It’s to squeeze them for more
I love to pull your leg just to have some fun
I love to borrow your money and never return
This friendship has a lot of benefits at no price
I can freely use your stuff that I don’t wanna buy
If my heart fails, I know you’ll give me yours
If I go bankrupt, I can snatch your purse,
You’re so dumb and cute, So wannabe but true
Where will I find a dumber friend like you
Never push me too hard, Don’t try to be better than me,
Ill stay your best friend and not replace you
I’ll be the one in need, always piling onto you,
Even you don’t want me to
Oh Ill never have a friend like you

Uh Ho, dumb friend like you
Uh Ho, A friend like you
Uh Ho, dumb friend like you
Uh Ho, A friend like you


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