Funny Chinese Song Lyrics By Funzoa Mimi Teddy
Push the stranger aunty
Kungfu in pink undie
Yawning in the chorus good for teeth
You eat squid
Pope shampooing armpit
Your thighs shushi chopstick
Yum yum eating poop from the cow
Chow chow

Farting gas no window
Your banana is hee-haw
Grandma selfie rocking the toilet seat
Yellow pee in soup
Your pajama is see through
Noodles in the brain, kick a dumb wifey

Ninja class in Harvard
Pizza chopped in salad
Labrador is choking the pussy
I see, now you see
So you play finger ping pong
Microwave the big bomb
You have good qualities like donkey
So lick my feet
No money for thai massage in bahama
Paralyzed for gangum style dancing
Neighbours sing this song,
You go fast in the coma
2 girls and 4 dumb boyfriends in fight scene
Your bum thick like sumo
Someone find a window
Sing my song to make anyone cry
You try, you try
I go hollywood to sing in oscar night
Bye bye, bye bye

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