“Free Love Advices” Song Lyrics

Do you need free love advices, I give free love advices
If you are confused about you love, you can come to my office
Love thy neighbor and their legal aged children
But make sure you don’t end up making babies from them
Love your country, Do love paying taxes
Oops! Ignore the last tip, you don’t wanna lose your business
Love you ex lover and do love the current one
Be careful you don’t bump into both at the same time
Love your mama papa, all your uncle and aunties
But have some more respect for the one who’s paying your fees
Im an expert on love, Can’t you see my heart
If my tips don’t work, then you can kick my butt
I give free love advices; who wants free love advices,
Just take seriously, my time is very precious

Love your teachers but love always being late
Too much education gives you hypertension in your chest
Do love your car and its comfortable backseat
But you don’t have to use it to reproduce babies
Ive got nothing against your babies, Im just warning you
Those little things! if they are born, your lovelife will be screwed
Love your friends and love their lovers, do not be a jerk
But always wait for them to break up, then you try your luck
Im an expert on love, Can’t you see my heart
I guarantee success or else just kick my butt
Do you want free love advices; who wants free love advices
If your love isn’t working, I’d love to solve your crisis

Love being a fatso, love being skinny
Mother earth is used to your weight you dummy,
Love being dirty, And love being a loser
But who the duck, gave you birth, if you cant be better
Love to love, and love to hate but keep a mix of both
But how much love and how much hatred, I don’t really know
True love doesn’t exist; it just ends up with babies
But always fall in love before you start paying your bills
Im a love adviser, Can’t you see my heart
If you do not share my tips, I’ll feel very hurt
Do you want free love advices, who wants free love advices
I think someone came to kick my butt, I must close my office


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