Deadly Gangster Song Lyrics- Bojo Teddy Song

Im a deadly gangster
I will pull all your hair
Im a deadly gangster
Nono, Im not a teddy bear
Im a deadly gangster
Just ask your Mama, I swear
Im a deadly gangster
Uh Uh, I see you pissing in your chair

I’ll bite you, ill scratch you,
Ill steal your sole, You stupid Aa Ho
Get scared of me
See blood in my mocktail
Start biting your nails
Now I’ll pinch your tail
Get scared of me
I will pick your nosey
Are you scared of me
Oh dear cootchie Poochie
Are you scared of me?
Get scared of me, Aha
You’re scared of me Aha
I’ll use the icecubes to chill your spine
And you cant see me at all when Im spying
You’re still alive because Im being kind
Oh you did’nt hear what I said? Never mind

Im a deadly gangster
I kill mosquitos with my gun
Im a deadly gangster
I do this shit everyday for fun
Im a deadly gangster
You laughing at me, Shit what’ve you done
I’m a deadly gangster
Ill put your face in here
And flush you down
There hasn’t been a scary gangster like me
If I catch you laughing,
I will feed you chillies
Im the only one in my gang, but don’t worry
Cos’ I have a licence for this gun that I carry
Peek a boo, Don’t you dare
Knock Knock Knock, Do your prayers
You’re dead mother ducker,
Get scared of me
Do you have a place to hide?
I can rent you mine
Only if you scream
You’re scared of me
Ya Get scared of me, Ho
Ya Get scared of me, Now

Im a deadly gangster
Do you think its funny
Im a deadly gangster
I’ll snatch away all your money
Im a deadly gangster
If you’re broke, atleast gimme a penny
Deadly gangster
Put your legs up in the air, Honey
Ya Im deadly gangster
But you don’t really seem scared
Im a deadly gangster
I just look like a teddy bear
Im a deadly gangster
Ask Obama, he knows, I swear
Im a deadly gangster
Are you pissing in your chair


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