Many of you keep asking me everyday, how to download my Funny Free Funzoa Teddy Videos. Well ya, the process is very simple and its true i give away all my videos for free immediately after uploading them on my Funzoa Youtube Channel, and after posting them on Funzoa Facebook Page. But many of you still find it difficult to download my files. So I am putting down a step by step tutorial to get them on your mobile.. Simple..

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Step 1. Subscribe on my site with your name and email on the right hand column of my site or on any page at the bottom where you see a subscription form.

Step 2. If you have put a valid email, then you shall get an email, where you have to click on the confirmation link in your email. (If for some reason you don’t find my email, pls check spam folder. Sometimes it happens that you may miss your important mails due to some filters)

Step 3: After you have clicked the confirmation link, you will immidiately get aan email with the download link of all available free funzoa videos.

Its better you downloaad them on on a computer and then transfer the files on your mobile.

The downloads are .3gp files that you can directly download on your mobile phone and start sharing the fun instantly. if you have any difficulty in putting them on your mobile or otherwise, please let me know by filling up the form below. Have fun.

I hope, i have made it clearer now. And if there is still any other problem, please do let me know or you can email me at

Pls subscribe to Funzoa Youtube Channel, and on Funzoa Facebook Page to get all latest updates and free videos.

By Downloading Funzoa Video Files You Agree To The terms and Conditions As Stated Below:
The video files are only authorized for mobile phone circulation and video messeging. Pls dont try to upload them on your site or channel directly. It will be considered copyright infringement and we will take strict legal action against such links so much so that you may also end up losing your youtube channel or your site getting blocked by your server host. Hence I strongly suggest you to share the official links from Facebook and Youtube, or embed code from youtube as much as you want. Lot of hardwork goes on each of the video from concept to completion, hence I would really appreciate if you followed this code of conduct. Use the following copyrighted material only for Watsapp or general mobile messaging strictly. :)

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