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Funny Cake Song- I Can Come Anywhere For A Cake | MimiTeddy

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Funny Cake Song, I Can Come Anywhere For A Cake, Cake Lust By Mimi Teddy Funny Cake Song. Cake lusted by famous mimi Teddy. If you are a cake lover, then this is your song to sing along with. Download Free funzoa ...

Mp3 Mp3, I Love It For Free | Funny Mp3 Song | Mimi Teddy

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Funny MP3 Song, Mp3 Mp3, I Love It when you come For Free. Featuring Funzoa Mimi Teddy. Well you have heard google song, facebook song from me, then why pay a tribute to Mp3s that we are always drowned in. Mp3 song fi...

Funny Chinese Song Lyrics By Funzoa Mimi Teddy

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Funny Chinese Song Lyrics By Funzoa Mimi Teddy Push the stranger aunty Kungfu in pink undie Yawning in the chorus good for teeth You eat squid Pope shampooing armpit Your thighs shushi chopstick Yum yum eating ...

Kill The Boss Funzoa Song Lyrics

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Kill The Boss Lyrics Hey Mimi, are you free tonight? No boss has given me too much of work. And I have a presentation tomorrow Ya ya I know, im onto the same thing. No I mean what after that? I go home & I s...

Go Twitter Twitter Song Lyrics

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Go Twitter Twitter Song Lyrics Go Twitter, Go Twitter When your question is bigger than your answer Go twitter, twitter, twitter When you are a bad writer, but a good chatter Go twitter, twitter, twitter If your...

Baby Baby Baby Funzoa Song Lyrics

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"Baby Baby Baby" Song Lyrics Baby baby baby, The way you tickle my body, My pretty face goes red, red When you get naughty, you get naughty Baby baby baby, you love to hug me tightly You kiss my cheeks so gently t...

“Free Love Advices” Funny Song Lyrics

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"Free Love Advices" Song Lyrics Do you need free love advices, I give free love advices If you are confused about you love, you can come to my office Love thy neighbor and their legal aged children But make sure...

Funny Friendship Song “Friend Like You” Lyrics- Funzoa

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Funny Friendship Song Called "Friend Like You" Lyrics ( Funzoa Mimi Teddy & Family ) I’ll never have a friend like you You’re such a poor thing, And at times so boring, But I still tolerate you, ( tolerate you...

I killed This Alien In Mars-Funzoa Alien Song Lyrics

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I killed this Alien in Mars-Funzoa Alien Song Lyrics (I killed this Alien in Mars )X4 I killed this Alien in Mars when I had gone there to reduce my stress I was high on cocaine, And incidently pissing on someb...

Deadly Gangster Song Lyrics- Bojo Teddy Song

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Im a deadly gangster I will pull all your hair Im a deadly gangster Nono, Im not a teddy bear Im a deadly gangster Just ask your Mama, I swear Im a deadly gangster Uh Uh, I see you pissing in your chair I’ll...

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