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“Free Love Advices” Funny Song Lyrics

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"Free Love Advices" Song Lyrics Do you need free love advices, I give free love advices If you are confused about you love, you can come to my office Love thy neighbor and their legal aged children But make sure...

“Google My Bulbul” Funny Google Song Lyrics | Mimi Teddy

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Google google, my bulbul, bulbul Lyrics below. A funny song on google search engine. I can't imagine life without this tamed Bulbul. Can you? So thumbs to this 1st ever tribute to google. End your search for funn...

“Pyare Youtuber” Lyrics- Funny Youtube Song By Mimi Teddy

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"Pyare Youtuber" Lyrics- Funny Youtube Song By Mimi Teddy. Facebook My Twitter My Forum My email : Free Video Downloads Click here for "Pyare Youtuber" Lyrics Mimi Teddy Fanpage Bojo Teddy...

“SMS Ka Reply Kyun Nahi Diya” Funny Hindi Song Lyrics

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Main kya river mein bahake aayi hun, Ya Agre se bhagi hui koi pagal bai hun Khalipili waiting chalu hai mera, Ab tak tune SMS ka reply nahi diya… Aisa kya important kaam aa gaya tha, Ke click karke message padhne...

“You Are Online, I’m Online” Funny Song Lyrics

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So you're online, I’m online too If you say you’re fine, Then im just fine too, Saw your status update, with your little smiley sign, But we both know the truth, Oh Ya, Oh Ya! Damn you stole someone else’s line, ...

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Funny Rhyme Parody Song | Funzoa Teddy

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Baa Baa Black Sheep, A funny twist to the rhyme, A parody song of the nursery rhyme. Funzoa Mimi Teddy is shopping wool from a Black sheep. ;) Hear how hilarious are the sheep's answers. Download Free funzoa videos...

Baby Baby Baby Funzoa Song Lyrics

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"Baby Baby Baby" Song Lyrics Baby baby baby, The way you tickle my body, My pretty face goes red, red When you get naughty, you get naughty Baby baby baby, you love to hug me tightly You kiss my cheeks so gently t...

Be Sukhi Aatma Lyrics, Funzoa Funny Song Lyrics

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Arre you’re so sad sad, My dukhi aatma.. Please do not feel bad, Be sukhi aatma Thoda lovey dovey kar le, Thoda Huggy shuggie bhar le, Quickly aaja meri baahon mein, na sharma, Arre you’re still so sad sad, My du...

Comeon Cattie- Threatening Bengal Tiger, Dangerous Funny Song

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Comeon Cattie, Dangerous Funny Song where Mimi Teddy literally takes on a royal bengal tiger fearlessly. Does she manage to defeat him? Check out this funny song video to know what happens in the end. Download Free...

Deadly Gangster Song Lyrics- Bojo Teddy Song

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Im a deadly gangster I will pull all your hair Im a deadly gangster Nono, Im not a teddy bear Im a deadly gangster Just ask your Mama, I swear Im a deadly gangster Uh Uh, I see you pissing in your chair I’ll...

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