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I’m So Hopeless in Love- Funny Teddy Love Song Video

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I'm so hopeless in love- Enjoy this funny love song by none other than Superstar Funzoa Teddy Bear. A soothing romantic number to sing along with when you are missing your beloved. But with a pinch of pun in it as usu...

Merry Christmas To You Yahoo, Funny Funzoa Teddy Christmas Song

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Here is Merry Christmas To You Yahoo, Funny Funzoa Teddy Christmas Song. Sorry guys for the late posting. I got caught up with Santaclaus in heavy snow. And now I sing his message for you. He is the best heavensent gu...

“Tu Hai Beautiful” Funzoa Mimi Teddy Song – A Tribute To Girls

1 Views22 Comments

Hello girl, Listen to the hottest funzoa teddy song, "Tu hai Beautiful" meaning you are beautiful. A soft sweet ballad for the girls/women of the world to cheer up. Girl, you are indeed perfect the just the way you ar...

You And Me Chuddi Buddy Funny Friendship Song By Mimi Teddy

2 Views13 Comments

"You & Me Chuddi Buddy", Presenting The ultimate friendship song anthem starring dilwali teddy. Enjoy sharing with your closest friends and let them know good friendship is all about Fun and Funzoa. So all you Chu...

Funzoa Teddy Wishes Happy Diwali And Happy New Year In A Song

1 Views7 Comments

Funzoa Teddy Wishes Happy Diwali And Happy New Year In A Song. Yes Dilwali Teddy is very happy for all of you. Another perfect funny video for friends :) Hope you guys missed her. She is busy these days because of all...

Dil Mera Stupid Hai-Funny Hindi Love Song To Send To Friends

1 Views11 Comments

"Dil Mera Stupid Hai" is a Funny Hindi Love Song You must Send To your Friends. Have you watched all her other funny songs, "Koi mujhe pyar nahi karta", "Life bekar hai", "Funny Happy birthday Song", "Teddy doesnt hav...

Funzoa Teddy Wants Fans-Funny Video For Friends

1 Views5 Comments

Teddy wants fans, more fans, millions of fans. She is on a suicide mission. I think we must all collectively help her, save her from taking a stupid step here. Pls check the video of this cutest and funniest teddy onl...

How To Put A Teddy In A Box In 4 Steps? Funny Video For Friends

1 Views1 Comments

How To Put A Sleeping Teddy In A Box In 4 Steps? Here is a funny video to share with friends. Learn the step by step procedure and try it on your teddy or any other plush toy you have. And proudly share the instructio...

Funzoa Teddy Learning ABCD of Bollywood at A Film Institute

2 Views7 Comments

Teddy Learning ABCD of Bollywood at A Film Institute. My god, teddy is such a fast learner. Have a roll with what she is learnt so far. What do u think is her future as a film student?   For more funny stuf...

Tu Online Hai, Main Bhi Online Hun- Funny Teddy Song & Lyrics

1 Views50 Comments

Isnt she the most awesome singer on the planet? so here she comes with her new singler, Tu Online Hai, Main Bhi Online Hun" Another funny Hindi Teddy Song after her superhit songs, "koi mujhe pyar nahi karta, life bek...

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