Its no rocket science Why Cute Funny Entertainment Videos Online Are So popular & get Maximum Views. Cute Entertainment as genre has garnered huge popularity and is an increased momentum of capturing eye balls on the web. Research show that searches for cute entertainment is the second highest genre for searches on line.

With stressed lives, lonely existence, people often tune into some light moments by laughing along cool videos that strike a chord with people through entertainment with a message. With information overload as a common threat to even stressful existence, an entertaining video plays without crowding the brain with excess information; make people forget about information and relish the light-hearted content, often laugh along with it to beat a hard day at work or otherwise.

Most of this cute entertainment video content is youth and child friendly; parents can view it along with children and as a family. With an increasing trend of convergence, often young people relay such videos through mobile app and other such mediums; consequently come of these videos gaining immense popularity and viewership. Some of the recent viral videos on line are the ones from this genre.

Cute entertaining videos are safe to post on social media without attracting any controversies or view point. These do not reflect the person’s take on issues, have general appeal and helps crack into laughter. With the celebrities from sports, filmdom, music etc vying for attention on the web through their craft, these cute entertaining videos are like a breath of fresh air. For once, it’s not an attractive face urging one to buy mouth freshener or seeking a compliment for a ‘hot photo shoot’. These videos appeal through their content, grip you for those moments and at best the call to action is a subtle request to subscribe to the channel or ‘like’ the video. Well, a series of such videos playing on the loop can only risk making a dull day brighter! Now, that’s not a bad deal at all.

These videos often are the livewires of a party; a cute Dilwali Teddy singing a happy birthday song through a simple yet classy video can add an element to a birthday party, usually with high spirits, the connect to such videos multiply and everyone present ends up having a great time. It also adds a new dimension to the otherwise predictable chit-chats. It’s quite refreshing to hear cute Teddy dishing out fashion and beauty tips rolled in humour; better proposition than the familiar face endorsing yet another beauty product. The novelty of message and way of presentation is a novel way to capture audience attention.

Speaking for myself, I would much rather patronise a teddy or any other mascot sharing important information than someone doing it as a means of footing his/her car fuel! And if the video, brings a smile and makes me laugh, do I have a reason to complain? What about you? So, look out for Dilwali Teddy or any other such cute entertaining video to share a laugh with your loved ones! At Funzoa, We strive to make this world a funnier place to live in. Join our network Today.

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  • anish 4 years ago

    I love teddyyyy
    and i share all vedios with my facebook friends
    please make a vedio of Teddy wishing happy Deewali 🙂

    • Funzoa 4 years ago

      Yes anish.. teddy will wish everyone in a diwali video in sometime 🙂